Yorkshire Forest School was set up by its Director Fiona Celli, in response to academic research on how children learn best (pedagogy) and seventeen years as a sucessful full-time teacher.  Yorkshire Forest School and Outdoor Learning is completely committed to holistic development and best possible outcomes for children, their teacher and other adults.  All adults working on behalf of Yorkshire Forest School and Outdoor Learning believe deeply in the nurturing effect of nature.  We are commited to positive outcomes for all which are facilitated through qualified and experinced teachers, leaders and skilled crafts people.


Yorkshire Forest School operates throughout Yorkshire in local green spaces and schools delivering high quality educational activities and outdoor experiences.  A network of highly skilled, experienced practitioners – all with relevant qualifications, experience and a huge commitment to promoting environmental education, work across Yorkshire with schools and groups, children and adults.


We hope our website helps you find out about who we are and what we offer. To book or get more specific information about things that are of particular interest to you, click on the links or go to the  ontact page.  We are based in Yorkshire so can easily arrange to ring you or meet up to discuss your enquiry more.

Welcome to Yorkshire Forest School

October Half Term holiday Cluber your text here

James absolutely loved it and he has been talking about it non stop at home! :) He is very much looking forward to it again tomorrow! 

You have done such a great job organising it! 


Many thanks,


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Hi fiona

I just wanted to write to express our thanks for having Isaac and Jack on Tuesday. They absolutely loved it, keep talking about it and asking when they can return. Isaac said you found stuff that was suitable for both him and jack “which isn’t easy Mum!”. Honestly, they r so excited for the launch the monthly class and already set to asking friends! They have played non stop with their bow and arrows too 😂.

I wish you every success in this career change! You seem to have created a secret formula and our boys for sure will be at the front for future events. They slept well that night too (always a bonus for parents!) Thank you C Webster